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Laugh.png This article is a satirical page, and is not meant to be taken seriously. Some, or all, content has been fabricated for the entertainment of the viewer.

"despacito" Despacito

Physical Attributes[]

  • Bighead stacked on top of a Biggerhead
    • Biggerhead rotated so that it is upside-down and facing away from the Bighead
  • Spider legs protruding from bottom of the body, which is the top of the Biggerhead
  • Additional accessories, such as Headrows and other accessories designed to pair with the Bighead, may be worn to differentiate from other Despacito Spiders


The Despacito Spider History is dated back to the year ???? when many despacito spiders were born. Most of them were born in intial despacito, but since had to migrate to Robloxian High School due to popularity.

Most went to roblox high school

A scientist when the Despacito spider was found contagious.

In 2018, The despacito spiders bites were found to be contagious. When bitten, the person who got bit will slowly and painfully turn into a despacito spider themself. As of 2020, the Despacito spider is a meme known around the world. Levicat09 killed one and he is gone

They are known to sing despacito ERIC NEIDHART

Known Members[]